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About the Commercial register of Zürich

Zürich Commercial Register is a public register that serves to identify companies (entities of any legal nature that are required to be registered) that carry out commercial activities in the canton of Zürich.

The information contained in the Zürich Commercial Register varies according to the legal form of the company, but generally includes the name or company name, the registered office, the corporate purpose, the management and control bodies, the share capital, the persons authorised to sign on behalf of the company, and certain other remarks.

All companies must be registered in the Commercial Register; however, for some legal forms, registration is only required under certain conditions (e.g., self-employed persons are only required to register if they have a turnover of more than CHF 100,000):

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Mandatory registration in the Commercial Register :
Limited partnerships
Public limited company (SA)
Partnership limited by shares (SCA)
Limited liability company (Sàrl)
Institution under public law
Mandatory registration under certain conditions :
Sole proprietorship with an annual turnover of CHF 100,000 or more
Association with a commercial purpose
Optional registration :
Sole proprietorship with an annual turnover of less than CHF 100,000
Non-profit association
Changes must also be entered in the Commercial Register. The entries are published in the Official Gazette of Commerce, also known as the FOSC, which is published by the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO). The data in the Zürich Commercial Register is publicly accessible and can be consulted online at Zefix or at the offices of the Zürich Commercial Register (Schöntalstrasse 5, 8022 Zürich).
The Commercial Register Zürich is a public service and is governed by the Swiss Code of Obligations and the Commercial Register Regulations, as well as by the Commercial Register Zürich Fee Regulations.

Commercial Register Zürich

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Competence for all towns in the canton of Zurich: Gossau ZH, Birmensdorf ZH, Küsnacht ZH, Kilchberg ZH, Erlenbach ZH, Buchs ZH, Rüti ZH, etc.

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Want to form your company in Switzerland?
With NewCo it's easy.

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